My Favourite Song Intros

I was sitting around the other evening (I can do that with the TV relegated to some dusty corner of an upstairs room), when I suddenly remembered the first time I heard ‘Pretty Thing’ by Bo Diddley. It must have been in about 1963 as that was when it was released in the UK. He was performing the song on TV with his oblong Gretsch guitar.


I was very excited, especially by the intro, which I still think is one of the greats. Anyway, as result of this reminiscing I thought it might be fun to do a post, or maybe more, on my favourite song intros of all time. So here goes.By the way, these aren’t in any order except as I think of them.First in the list, of course, is:

Pretty Thing – Bo Diddley.

I love the way he uses tremolo to get that pulsating effect and how it then goes into the characteristic bo diddley beat before the vocal comes in.

Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles

Again, a song I first heard on TV. This was on Juke Box Jury in 1967. It was actually released on my 18th birthday. Again I was blown away and the intro is still mysterious and evocative. It’s a mellotron playing a flute sound but as it plays loops of tape with the sound recorded on them it doesn’t really sound that much like a flute.

Steve used to have a mellotron in the studio, a white one. But they are difficult to keep tuned and we didn’t really do anything with it.


A Mellotron

Shot by Both Sides – Magazine

I remember buying the single, around the same time as ‘Orgasm Addict’ by Buzzcocks. I think the intro is just thrilling.

So that’s three to be going on with. I’ve got plenty more and I’ll no doubt put some more in a future post. In the meantime, what are your favourites? I’m sure they’ll be different to mine. I love to know what music turns people on. No doubt some of the songs you love I will never have heard, just as you might not have heard some of mine.

Take care.