Rules of the Blog


His blogness (the administrator) posted (as in stuck through the letterbox) the following document earlier today. It was discovered by our hero (look, we all know that when it says ‘our hero’ or ‘the blogger’, we’re talking about the same person. So from now on he will be referred to as ‘K’ – not to be confused with Kafka’s ‘K’ – OK?) when he stumbled downstairs to make his first mug of coffee of the day, and to see if anyone had sent him anything interesting – Lakeland catalogue, party invitation, OBE. This document was not what he expected and quite put him off his morning exercise routine (bend down, pat dog, look at exercise bike, drink coffee), leaving him feeling somewhat irritable and out-of-sorts.

Here is reproduced faithfully the text of the document.

Rules and Regulations of the Blog Commonly Known As ‘Dive for your Memory’

To be read and agreed to by all those who contribute to the aforementioned blog

  1. All posts shall abide by the blog remit inasmuch as the topics discussed shall fall under one (or more) of the following headings: Books, Music, Addiction and Recovery.
  2. Any posts which do not abide by the above remit, insofar as it refers to the permitted headings, will be adjudged by the blog administrator (hereinafter referred to as the blog admin), to be outside the terms of these rules and regulations and will be dealt with appropriately.
  3. In the event of any dispute, contretemps or disagreement the blog admin’s decision will be final.
  4. There will be no exemptions for bloggers who believe they are above the law.
  5. These rules to take effect immediately.

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