About me


Me and two friends performing at Superspirit 2009

I’m in my late sixties and have been in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction for over 30 years. I was a full-time drug and alcohol trainer with the NHS until my retirement, training drug and alcohol workers, doctors, teachers etc. I teach on a Foundation Degree in Alcohol and Drug Awareness Studies at Accrington College.

Having come through my addiction I have views on addiction and recovery and will write about these topics in my blog.

I have also been playing guitar for ever – since I was 14 – and have been in a few bands (R&B, post punk and folk/country). I’m a bit old for bands now but still play at home. I write songs and have recorded quite a few, both at home on the computer and in my friend Steve’s studio. Steve and I have also been working on an animated children’s television programme called ‘Limestone Wood’ for which I have done the music and written the songs. More on that when it comes to fruition.

I’d love to hear from anyone who reads any of my posts and will reply to any (polite) comments, whether they agree with me or not.

I started this blog as a way of looking back over my life (I’m 67 as I write this), and how music had always played a central part in whatever was happening at the time. It’s always struck me that, just as some people associate particular smells with things that have happened in their life (no good to me, I have no sense of smell), or photos etc., when I think of something that happened it’s very often connected with a piece of music, usually a song.

But I realised after a while that there were other things I wanted to write about, some just for fun and others – addiction, technology, books, language – about which I have strong views.

That, then, is what the blog is about, sixty-seven years of music and living – or sometimes more existing than living (I’ll write about that as well, the miserable years of drinking and drugs and squalidly falling through from day to day). But it’s not like that now! And I’ll write about that as well.

So, you may be thinking, what are my qualifications for writing this? As far as I can tell they are:

  • I’m a musician. I’ve been playing guitar (electric and acoustic) for over 50 years
  • I’ve been in several bands – R&B, post punk, folk and country
  • I’m a songwriter. As I get more familiar with WordPress I’ll upload some of my songs so you can suffer also
  • I’m a home recordist, originally recording on a pc with a variety of software but I ditched Windows (Hurray!) for Linux and now have the Ubuntu Studio distro and record on Ardour and Audacity (both great and both free)
  • I’ve listened, bought and collected tons of music over the years
  • I love music – all kinds – though not exactly all kinds. I’ve never got into opera or rap or the heavier end of dance music but, apart from that, my tastes are pretty eclectic
  • I have read thousands of books – modern fiction, classics, SF (lots), fantasy (less), crime, thriller, historical fiction, biography, science, music, technology, computers, YA, children’s, films, history, horror, world and probably some others.
  • As I mentioned I’m a recovering addict with lots of experience of addiction, recovery and teaching and training about drugs and alcohol

And the title of the blog? That’s the name of a song by The Go-Betweens, one of my favourite bands.

Hope you like it