Parking on Pavement (Rant)

Blogger: My street is reasonably wide, at least wide enough for cars to park on both sides of the road leaving enough room for other vehicles to get through. So why do some of the drivers insist on parking partly on the pavement?


Blog Moderator: Can I just stop you there. This blog is supposed to be about music, books, addiction and recovery, so why are you writing about cars?

Blogger: Because it’s important! What if I decided I wanted to put my chair in the road because I thought it was a nicer place to sit?

Blog Moderator: You’d probably get run over.

Blogger: Well, yes, I see what you mean. But it’s the principle of the thing. Don’t cars take up enough space in our world already? Aren’t pavements meant for pedestrians?

Blog Moderator: Okay, I can see you feel strongly about this. So rather than post it here, why don’t you start another blog? Say, ‘’ or’’. Then we’d all be happy, you’d be able to rant away as much as you wanted and we wouldn’t have to read it.

Blogger: But I want people to read it. And I want people to stop parking on the pavement.

Blog Moderator: So start a campaign. Or put stickers on their windscreens – something like ‘I’d very much appreciate it if you would stop parking on the pavement. Thankyou’.

Blogger: I don’t know. Maybe. Anyway, finally……

Blog Moderator: Thank goodness.

Blogger: As I was saying, finally, I’d just like to ask people why they think drivers park on the pavement, apart, that is, from those occasions when you have to park on the pavement because the street’s too narrow for other cars to pass. Even then I feel guilty when I do. So these are some possible reasons why they do it:

  1. They think their car is exceptionally wide
  2. Poor eyesight
  3. Not a good enough driver to park properly
  4. Likes to annoy pedestrians
  5. Shorter walk to their house

What do you think? Any other reasons?

Let me know

Blog Moderator: And that’s quite enough about that. Next time please find a more appropriate place to bore people. Goodbye.

Blogger: Goodbye. And thankyou.

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